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Taxing Authority Information

The following reports provide summary valuation data related to the authorities that are authorized to collect taxing revenue in Weld County.  The State of Colorado, Department of Local Affairs, Division of Local Government maintains listings of addresses for all taxing entities in the state of Colorado.  Please click on the link below to go directly to the Division of Local Government's webpage and select Weld County.  Authority Addresses for Colorado

Abstract Reports - The abstract of assessment is a compilation of all real and personal property located within the boundaries of Weld County. The reports include current and historical abstracts for each taxing entity.

Certification Letters - The certification of values lists value information for property within the boundary of each taxing entity.

Urban Renewal Information - Tax Increment Finance Breakdown and Urban Renewals by Authority.

Distribution Statements  - Statements of Distribution to taxing authorities are provided by the Weld County Treasurer's office. 

Mill Levy Reports - This report summarizes the taxing authorities and mill levies that comprise each taxing district.

Assessed Values by Tax Area - This report summarizes the assessed property value for each taxing district.

Ownership Listings - This links to an interactive form and will provide a listing of real property and severed mineral owners by location.

Top 25 Taxpayers by Authority - This report lists the top 25 property owners based on their aggregate assessed value by taxing entity.