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Weld Works 4 Youth Summer Program

Posted on 05/02/2017
Weld Works 4 Youth Summer Program

On behalf of the Department of Human Services Division of Employment Services, the Weld County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the initiation of a youth summer employment program called Weld Works 4 Youth.

The program, which will be funded through the state’s Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) fund, primarily serves 14-15 year olds who are currently receiving TANF or other benefits.

Eligible youth are provided valuable workforce experiences through the program, acquiring the tools needed to be successful by gaining occupational skills and work ethics, as well as improving their life skills and educational standing—all while putting money in their pocket.

In addition to earning money, the youth participants will also gain positive work and life skills through a variety of experiences, including academic enrichment activities. Participants of the program will be encouraged though a financial incentive to volunteer in the community and attend age-appropriate seminars, where they will gain the strength to inhibit negative peer pressure—alleviating gang membership, drug abuse, school dropout rate and teen pregnancy—while encouraging positive behaviors such as conflict resolution, controlling anger, budgeting and more.

“This is a much-needed program to engage and enrich our county’s economically disadvantaged youth,” said Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer. “By promoting the value of employment and community involvement at this stage, we can help encourage our young people to shape a better, brighter workforce for Weld County.”

Work experience activities will be provided for approximately 50 youth. The majority of the enrolled participants will work for approximately 4 hours per day, 3-5 days per week, for a total of 12-20 hours per week for 8 weeks.

The program is also designed to benefit low-income families by providing a positive summer program for their child, thus allowing the parent to focus on TANF work activities or beginning unsubsidized employment.

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