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This article is not about the solar eclipse

Posted on 08/14/2017
This article is not about the solar eclipse

By now you’ve likely heard about the once-in-our-lifetime solar eclipse that will cross our country on August 21. And by now you’ve likely heard some tips regarding what you should and should not do if you plan to drive into (read with echo effect) the path-of-totality (-ality, -ality, -ality)…or anywhere else to view the eclipse.

This release is not about that.

This release is about what you should and should not
do when driving anywhere on any day…including August 21st.

• Do pay close attention to the road conditions and the cars around you
• Do ensure you have plenty of fuel
• Do drive defensively and stay alert
• Do properly extinguish smoking materials
• Do wear sunglasses as needed when driving; do wear special safety glasses when looking at the eclipse
• Do park in legal parking areas and do turn off your engine if it is an unpaved area
• Do give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination
• Do bring snacks…it’s always nice to snacks in the car just in case (personally, we like those honey mustard pretzel bites)

• Do not drive distracted
• Do not stop on the roadway
• Do not park on the shoulder or side of the road or in ditches that run next to the highway
• Do not use center median crossings for turning around or parking – these are for emergency vehicles only
• Do not blast Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart out your window while cruising along the highway…it’s so cliché. (admit it, you’re singing it to yourself now aren’t you? “Turn around…”!)