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Local board appointments and recognition for October

Posted on 10/31/2017
Local board appointments and recognition for October

This month, the Weld County Board of Commissioners appointed and reappointed several new members to various county boards and commissions.

John Fryer was appointed to the 911 Emergency Telephone Service Authority Board as the Town of Fort Lupton representative with a term set to expire January 9, 2018. Members of the board are responsible for administering the operation of the 911 emergency telephone operation system throughout Weld County. Members of the board serve two-terms and meet monthly.

Fryer was also appointed to the Regional Communications Board as the Police Chief At-Large with the term expiring December 31, 2018.

Two new members have been appointed to the Workforce Development Board. Sylvia Robinson will serve the board as the Large Business Representative. Geoffrey Herrig will as the Labor Representative. Both terms are set to expire December 31, 2020. The board, made up of individuals, business owners and Chief Executive Officers are responsible for identifying regional workforce needs, implementing systems, and providing overall direction to Employment Services of Weld County. Board members serve three terms and meet six times per year. Sub-committees meet three to four times per year.

Members were also reappointed members to the Weld Faith Partnership Council. Pam Hungenberg, Michael Mathews, Brian Fowler, and Carla Ikenouye were all reappointed. The Faith Leadership Council works to connect faith-based community organizations and Weld County residents. The council aids at risk families in finding support through community faith-based organizations, government entities and non-profit human services agencies.

The Weld County Board of Commissioners also extends gratitude and appreciation to those stepping down from local boards for their service to the community. William Hedberg will be stepping down from the Faith Leadership Council. In addition, Ken Poncelow has retired, and is no longer serving on the Regional Communications Advisory Board, or the 911 Regional Telephone Service Advisory Board.

“We’re always grateful to anyone who serves on a board,” County Chair Julie Cozad said. “Their time and effort is invaluable and helps Weld County become a better place for everyone.”

Anyone interested in serving on a board or looking for more information is encouraged to visit the Boards and Commissioners page at