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Commissioners approve 2018 budget

Posted on 12/27/2017
Commissioners approve 2018 budget

During Wednesday’s meeting, the Weld County Board of Commissioners approved the 2018 budget for operations and capital outlay totaling a gross amount of $327,441,220.

As Weld County begins 2018, the county is in excellent financial condition with no debt, no sales tax, one of the lowest mill levies among all Colorado counties, a significant cash reserve, and a fully-funded pension plan. The major factors impacting the 2018 budget continue to be dominated by the oil and gas development in Weld County; population growth; state and federal budget issues and mandates.

As has been the case for the last seven years, growth and development activity, directly or indirectly, related to oil and gas exploration seems to be the main economic driver in the majority of positive economic activities in Weld County. The local and regional economy remains one of the strongest in the state. The unemployment rate for Weld County has stayed in the 2.1% to 3.5% range for the last year.

Two significant long-term capital projects for 2018 will include the construction of a $44.5 million addition to the jail in 2018-2020 and the completion in 2018 of the four-year project for capital improvements to the CR 49/47 Corridor, south from Highway 34 to I-76, and north from CR 60.5 (SH 263) to SH 392; a road project that will require over $25 million in 2018.

Other highlights from the 2018 budget include:

 Assessed value increased 2.72%, or $249.2 million due to reappraisal.
 Complete bridge mitigation projects resulting from the 2013 flooding.
 Fund the oil and gas revenue fluctuation reserve in the Contingency Fund at $36.0 million.
 Fund a Hazardous Material Planning grant and FEMA training exercise in 2018.
 Increase the Public Safety Communications Department staff by seven FTE to cope with the E911 call volume.
 Reallocate four Sheriff Contract Service deputies to Patrol to increase law enforcement services in the field.
 Add 32 FTE in the North Jail due to inmate population growth.
 Create a Criminal Justice Coordinator position.
 Increase the District Attorney staff by 4 FTE due to 40% increase in caseload since 2011.
 Continue the Lean process to both identify and then implement the most efficient, value added way to provide government services.
 Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Weld County Fair.